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Dear Parents,

You are here because you feel a stake in future of our youth. Congratulations for reaching out to explore the possibilities with Stem Edulinks for young minds!

Today’s work life require a quality education, and strong hands on experience including strong science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). A robust science & technology education creates critical thinkers, problem solvers, and produces the next generation of innovators. Can we do something to spark an interest?

Research shows that children develop interest in fields like Game Making, Robot building, Mobile App making, Computer Coding etc. at an average age of 7, where children can learn concepts of Physics & Maths in a practical way with the medium of Game characters / Robot movements.

Kids Are Smarter Than We Think

Consider a typical 3-4 year-old’s worldview. They might not understand the principles of physics, but they do know that objects fall to the ground when dropped, they know balls bounce off walls, and they know cars speed along with the help of wheels.

There’s plenty of room to experiment within these simplistic parameters; you don’t need to know how to calculate a dot product to explain collision response and restitution, and kids know that some things are more slippery than others. Friction and drag and other concepts related to rigid-body Newtonian physics are the perfect subject matter for curious young minds.

 What if we focus our energies in exposing children to the wonders of Science and Technology early on … in elementary and middle schools? What if, this early engagement with STEM is fun and connected with the real world of engineering and technology?

Here is something that could turn a bunch of mini-monsters into avid creatives and creators, genuinely excited to learn…

Stem Edulinks is a platform that promotes student engagement in the technology fields.

 We believe it is critically important for kids to explore, create, play, and make, in order to learn about the world around them. We understand that children learn best when they are engaged in fun, challenge-based, hands-on learning experiences that connect the school curriculum to the real world in tangible and meaningful ways.

We offer highly interactive in-school and out-of-school programs, camps and workshops for children from Grade 4 to Grade 7 in the following areas:

·         Game Design & Coding

·         Robot Building and Programming.

·         Mobile App Development

·         Digital Story Telling

·         Science Experiment Labs

We are mission bound to make technical education fun and real and looking forward to serving youth.


Mukesh Mittal

Executive - Learning & Development