Mobile App Making

Mobile App Making 

Couse Duration: 8 weeks (class once a week)

Class Duration: 1 hour per class

Course Fee: $25.00 per class 

For more details and to enroll please email at info@stemedulinks.comOR call at +61(0)420247594.

Click the following Link to enroll in our current program at Burnside Community Centre.


Making Android & IOS Apps has sort of always been thought of as some magical process that only programmers can do. It was never thought possible that anybody would be able to make Android Apps.

I'm here to tell you that it is possible! Plus, you never have to write a single line of code! In this course I teach you how to use tools to make Android Apps using an easy mouse-driven drag and drop block system to make your app work. You build the user interface visually, and then just click the blocks together using the mouse to make it work.

In this course we teach kids, over 10 hours of instruction, how to leverage the power of App Inventor  to make Android Apps easily and without coding. It's set at a pace that starts out at a beginner level and works it's way up to a more advanced level to include making various games / Apps .

What Kids are going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to make games and Apps over computer and Mobile device.
  • Kids will learn the App Inventor  environment
  • Kids will get periodic course updates.
  • Learn how to monetize your apps with ads.
  • A good understanding of how Android Apps are made and work.
  • A way to make your ideas a reality.

What is the target audience?

  • Beginners interested in learning to make Android Apps.
  • Anybody interested in learning how to make Android Apps without coding.
  • Anybody who has an app idea that needs to learn how to make it a reality.