Game Design & Coding

Game Design & Coding (Beginner- Intermediate)

Couse Duration: 8 weeks (class once a week)

Class Duration: 1 hour per class

Course Fee: $25.00 per class 

For more details and to enroll please email at OR call at +61(0)420247594. 



Kids like to play and like to build. There’s a tremendous satisfaction in the creation of something. It’s empowering; it gives them a sense of accomplishment and self-worth; it’s a thing they can call their own. Don’t forget that making a game is something that kids can boast about to their peers.

Computer literacy has become a vital part of the modern world. Our kids will begin to learn web designing and programming concepts to create animated stories and computer games. Each of these will allow students to exercise problem-solving skills, while also transforming them from a consumer of technology to a creator of technology!

Give your student a head start on coding and game building principles with Scratch & Game Salad—and let their creativity run wild. They'll use the power of Scratch's physics engine, expansive media gallery, and art studio to design a game, then drag and drop code blocks to bring their creation to life.

In this course, kids learn through guided play in an exploratory and encouraging lab environment. We emphasize pressure-free creativity, with a focus on discovery and fun. These tools are easy for kids to use, and the interface gives young students a taste of the endless possibilities of programming.

What Will Students Take Home?

Each student will go home with a Scratch account that makes their game available on web.

What Will Students Learn?

  • Basic coding concepts
  • Programming arrow keys
  • 2D sprite animations
  • Basic design
  • Using coordinates
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Adapting to new challenges

To enroll in this course, students must have completed Kindergarten.

This course is optimal for younger students ages 7-14 who enjoy puzzles and thinking games, with kid-friendly projects that can be enjoyed solo or collaboratively. Our curriculum introduces kids to STEM principles that set the foundation for futures in computer science, engineering, and math. Exposure to STEM at an early age, even at rudimentary levels, leads to accelerated comprehension, paving the way for mastery.