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Up coming things at Stem Edulinks

Our Team is passionately working to build some new programs for kids. Soon we are going to launch following courses.

Civil Engineering for Kids  

Engineering design structures like tall buildings, bridges and dams. How do civil engineers think and plan for such structures?

In this program, kids will learn the science of  structures and do small projects to understand concepts of civil engineering and  to design structures using simple house hold materials. In this course we are focusing on conceps of  gravity, thrilling balancing acts, bridging designs and the quest to make the tallest skyscraper!

Will their designs survive the mighty weight, wind and earthquake?


Invent Your Own Machines

In this couse Kids will build catapult, mechanical arms , hydrolic machines using everyday materials. 

Our courses show kids how to take initiative, design their own solutions, experiment, and share their ideas. The cycle of trying, failing and growing creates independent thinkers who are capable and confident.